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4PL Center of Excellence

Led by a small team of dedicated, functional leadership, we’re leading the way in exploring and adopting new technologies, techniques, and practices for high-performance supply chains. No matter how complex the business gets, the team maintains a consultancy position to answer the difficult questions with appropriate recommendations, support, and education. Beyond 4PL leadership, we are proud to employ some of the industry’s best professionals, committed to operational excellence for the smooth flow of goods, data, and information.

Roger Riemen, Operational & Service Excellence, OIA 4PL

Roger Riemen

Operational & Service Excellence

Global operations professional with 23 years of experience in the logistics industry. Striving for a balance of operational and service excellence to deliver the performance to meet customer goals. I'm driven by the combination of consultancy and technology to manage and improve supply chain operations with outstanding customer service.

Jelte Tempelaars, Supply Chain Strategy & Solutions, OIA 4PL

Jelte Tempelaars

Supply Chain Strategy & Solutions

Strategic account leader focused on results, business clarity, and customer satisfaction. I ensure that supply chain solutions are properly designed and successfully implemented to meet customer requirements and deliver value. I'm driven by the innovative, dynamic, and never-ending quest to find improvements within the supply chain.

David Silveira, Supply Chain & Business Analytics, OIA 4PL

David Silveira

Supply Chain & Business Analytics

Supply Chain Engineer with 5+ years of experience into the complex world of global transport management. With analytical skills and a good understanding of data, can comprehend and link processes in the organizations and teams, improving them and adding value to move business into the next level.

Phoenix Philips, Governance & Program Control, OIA 4PL

Phoenix Philips

Governance & Program Control

Logistics professional with 20+ years of experience in project management and execution, process development, and team building. Works with key stakeholders, customers, and vendors to drive organizational goals. I'm driven by helping our customers transition from traditional logistics partners to a 4PL model through optimization and collaboration in a complex world. Each program is unique, so my day to day is always evolving and exciting!

Petr Janda, Training & Implementation, OIA 4PL

Petr Janda

Training & Implementation

Logistics professional with 12 years of experience blending multilingual wisdom, customer care, and training to build strong teams and support collaborative problem-solving. I'm driven by the dynamic nature of our work. Every day I wake up ready to grow, overcome challenges, and improve processes and projects with colleagues I love.

About OIA Global

1,200 employees across 26 countries


Founded in 1988, OIA is a $1.3 billion supply chain management leader, delivering clients a unique combination of sourcing, packaging, and logistics solutions. Our vision is to create value for our customers with smart, resilient supply chain solutions engineered by passionate people.


Operating as a 4PL provider since 2010, we are ambitious in helping organizations, teams, and technology work better, together. With your unique objectives in mind and operational visibility, we manage global supply chains to continuously optimize for time, cost, and process.

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