Value Creation

Making an impact through collaboration

Thought Leadership

Expert guidance on innovation, sales strategy, and market expansion.

Rapid and cost-effective innovation is the primary source of long-lasting competitive advantage in the industry. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations like P&G are continuously investing in innovation.

And in order to do so you actively research for new business insights, following relevant trends and new developments. Organizations are always actively looking for leaders who they can consult for advice, information and guidance.

Even though we are not the biggest brand in the world of logistics, OIA Global and its employees are considered by its customers as innovative thought Leaders and/or Subject Matter Experts from the very start.

Consultancy is a Key Differentiator

The ability of a 4PL provider to create added value surpasses the ability of the 3PL. Consultancy is the highest level of supply chain management we can provide. Our expert guidance creates efficiencies that allow your business to focus on innovation, sales strategy, and market expansion.

Because of this heightened visibility and trusted partnership, 4PL providers are invited to meetings with the organization’s logistics leaders to work together finding solutions to complex supply chain challenges.

As a consultant, we offer expert guidance on training, trade strategy, process automation, and change management that ultimately allow our customers to focus on innovation, sales strategy, market expansion and therefore create value sustainably together.


Total Shareholder Return

A 4PL partnership can take a company just about anywhere. When chasing your goals, we all benefit when your business does well.

Through gain share initiatives, we both support supply chain synchronization across many areas of your business, including but not limited to the following:

  • Overall customer performance increases
  • Container loading optimization
  • Online workflow collaboration
  • Optimizing productivity
  • Decreasing lead times and goods in transit
  • Support on design of enterprise technology implementation
  • Applying machine learning and predictive / prescriptive analytics to opimize planning and delivery