Operational Excellence

Aligning people and technology with process

Operational Roles & Responsibilities

Operational excellence is the foundation of our 4PL service. By optimizing operational processes, we enable you to build adaptable and scalable operations, improve supporting technology systems and visibility, and increase speed to market.

We take a deep look at your current operational structure. We swiftly establish a control tower for centralized communication, train operational teams, and improve processes to prepare for life under a 4PL model. We leverage strong relationships with carriers and vendors, globally, for optimal trade flow and mitigation of service impacts.

We work to continually optimize your operational effectiveness by managing and balancing the following activities:

Process and Analysis

We aim to find the right balance between customer service and operational control towers to ensure the highest customer service and support local languages without the burden of limited office hours or the extra cost of running a multi-shift operation.

Core tasks include planning, VIP shipment monitoring, exception management, day-to-day solution support, customer service, and reporting.

A regional, consolidated operations center manages shipments according to established standard operating procedures and customer specific shipping instructions to support cross-regional activities.

Customer Messaging Solutions

Communication is the key to operational effectiveness.

We implement a variety of automated customer messages to manage operational tasks and ensure KPI’s are met:

  • Automated process updates and exception messaging
  • Triggered workflows, including documents attachments
  • Available for your own organization and your customers and anyone who requires information on statuses to avoid separate manual reporting

Sample Messaging Solutions

  • Pre-departure notification

    Push notification; with commercial invoice and pack list attached triggered after goods loaded in container and customs cleared

  • Pre-alert documents sent by courier

    Push notification; with all shipping documents attached triggered once B/L and other shipping documents are available

  • Change in Estimated Date of Arrival

    Exception based notification; no documents attached triggered upon ETA change received from carrier

  • Shipment Due to Arrive

    Push notification, no documents attached triggered 5 days in advance of Estimated Date of Arrival

  • Delay in Contracted Delivery

    Smart notification, using contractual delivery agreements and operational shipment data only notifying on delays when it impacts the contractually agreed upon delivery time