Insights & Analytics

Your single source for truth

Your Single Source of Truth

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect all your information sources in one place? Perhaps you’d like to save time on reporting, improve collaboration, or increase visibility for better decision making. It’s all possible.

OIA Global delivers impressive improvements to complex supply chain ecosystems by digitizing supply chains.

Using a proprietary, data agnostic platform called OIA Connect, we can bring all your systems and collaborators into one centralized location for cloud-based data and document processing & storage.

OIA Connect offers a variety of modern integration solutions, open source, API’s and EDI message formats such as JSON to connect data from an SAP, TMS, ERP, transportation carriers, brokers, and any system where your business information exists.

Once your data is connected, we can start taking actions to track, record, monitor, and improve supply chain activities.

Common activities include:

  • Online collaboration with between 4PL, customer and 3rd party vendors minimizing the burden of email communication
  • Automatic data gathering and filtering on exception so your majority of time can be focused on actioning rather than data crunching
  • Customizable views, filters and reporting to react fast on market disruptions and adjust to your and your customers changing needs
  • Avoid duplication/re-keying of data and manual forwarding of data & documentation across parties
  • Access, 24/7, to real-time insights on shipments processing, milestones, and exception management
  • Archiving data and documentation, per country regulations, which usually set at minimum 0 years

OIA Connect: Workflow Management and Visibility

OIA Connect is the platform we use to enhance visibility for your company and your customers. With 24/7 access to real-time, detailed insights on shipments, processing, milestones, and event statuses. OIA Connect can be used for:

  • End to End global order and shipment visibility
  • Exception management
  • Identification of exact in-process statuses
  • Prioritization and identification for individual tasks for operations to ensure maximum performance
  • Online collaboration on orders and shipments with 3rd parties
  • Digital documentation repository
  • Compliance log of information gathered, and actions taken online

Power BI: Data Integrity You Can Count On

We develop business intelligence dashboards via Microsoft Power BI. This allows for real-time data synchronization with OIA Connect, fast data management, and analytics tools which can be made available to stakeholders.

  • Daily updates for real-time analytics
  • External and internal in-process KPI’s
  • KPI’s captured ’on the fly’, in planning, as estimates and actual
  • Carrier performance management
  • Accessible to customers and selected 3rd parties
  • Potential for creating customer dashboards