Governance & International Trade

Delivering services right, the first time

Compliance & Adaptability

We maintain an internal quality management system, which focuses on delivering services right the first time, registering and analyzing non-conformities, performing root cause analysis and triggering corrective actioning to avoid future occurrence.

Regular audits are conducted throughout the year. If an audit uncovers any errors or deviations from our procedures, a corrective action is issued to the responsible manager to resolve, overseen by regional and global compliance management . Primary areas of focus related to corporate compliance are shipping documentation, export & import country regulations, customs, air and ocean security, dangerous goods and data integrity.

We can provide continuous contract and lane compliance checks to ensure all activities undertaken are covered by a contract or spot agreement and that KPI’s are applied on such activities. For example, shipping instructions are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they stay in synch with global and in-country shipping and documentation requirements.

Integrity, Trust & Effectiveness

Integrity & Anti-Bribery

Our business is conducted in a manner that upholds the highest standards of integrity and ensures all business dealings are conducted in a professional and lawful manner in line with our Code of Conduct.

The continuing development and well-being of our business and that of our customers depends on all of us maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all matters which involve our company or our customers.

OIA Global requires all employees to conduct their role according to key anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws as applied by the US Government, where we are headquartered, and local country laws where we operate.

We do not allow financial or other rewards to influence functions or activities improperly and prohibits corrupt payment to foreign officials for the purpose of obtaining or keeping business. All employees are required to adhere to laws regarding facilitation payments, which are illegal regardless of their size or frequency. A zero-tolerance approach is in place to bribery in pursuit of our business objectives.

Vendor Management

New vendors can be introduced by the customer for the 4PL to work with and manage in the supply chain or are selected as sub-contractor by OIA Global under the 4PL scope of work. Initial introduction meetings are setup to discuss expectations, performance targets, standard operating procedures and escalation processes. Topics discussed are a mixture of customer and OIA Global requirements, aligned to ensure operational excellence.

Vendor performance dashboards are put in place and shared online with the carrier for real-time performance visibility.

Periodic performance review meetings are scheduled to discuss past performance, future expectations and assign tasks for corrective actions where needed.

In case of structural under performance, the customer will be involved for final escalation. If, and when needed, OIA Global will provide alternative solutions to the customer to avoid repetitive impacts to their business.

Lane & Contract Management

We actively support our customers with new trade lane implementations. Ensuring correct and up-to-date shipping instructions are in place, documentary and international trade compliance is applied and all parties involved in the trade lane are aligned on expectations and procedures. Contract rates, KPI’s and EDI settings are updated in our systems to ensure shipments can be handled , visualized, monitored and managed from the start.

For existing trade lanes periodic reviews are performed, updating shipping instructions and lane management details with changed shipper or consignee requirements as well applying potentially changed international trade requirements and/or opportunities.

Customer contracts as agreed upon by the customer with its vendors are integrated in our systems. Agreed upon service levels, costs and contract allocation are matched against new released orders and validated to ensure these are executed as per contractual expectation and agreement.

Business Continuity

Incident and business continuity is practiced throughout the OIA Global organization. With the purpose of maintaining core business functions and critical services if an adverse event or interruption occurs, the operations and individual teams are responsible to follow an effective response framework to safeguard interests and services.

Through Provision Of:

  • Clear guidelines and checklists
  • Clear procedures, including responsibilities at all levels
  • Expert support and facilitation for the organization

Systems are in place for prevention and recovery from potential threats to the continuity of our entire organization, including the services we provide to our customers.

Periodic audits are performed to ensure the effectiveness of the response framework. OIA Global actively encourages all vendors to maintain Business Continuity Planning with the expectation that all significant vendors always maintain sufficiently sophisticated planning & management processes.