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“Shippers nowadays have a unique opportunity to reorganize their supply chain management by changing their procurement model and appointing a 4th Party Logistics provider. A long-term single partner performing logistics tasks at a variable cost, providing customer service and delivering end-to-end visibility, who manages the shippers’ sub-contractors such as carriers, freight forwarders and customs brokers on their behalf. The shipper directly contracts services and rates with their sub-contractors and has the ability to switch, add or remove partners based on service and/or cost need. Yet at a very low cost of change and minimized customer service impact, because the 4PL operates in between and continues to provide services at the expected levels and manages any sub-contractor transitions in the background. This allows the shipper to focus fully on product development and business growth. The 4PL acts as the knowledge provider and enabler in logistics and supply chain management, working closely together with the shipper on continuous supply chain optimization solutions.”

What's on your supply chain radar?

A healthy supply chain adapts to the forces of change. As a fourth party logistics (4PL) provider, we create value through true partnership to design, manage, and continuously optimize supply chains. Find out where to invest your focus based on the unique challenges and opportunities of your organization.

Logistics Priorities Over the Next 12 Months

Understand where to place your focus, based on these most common logistics priorities.


Advance technology systems

Increase speed to consumer

Improve visibility, data quality, and integrity

Cost reduction and optimization

COVID-19 Impact on Logistics

Supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic impact competitiveness, economic growth, and company stability.


Disrupted planning and production cycles

Disrupted carrier scheduling

Limited transportation capacity

Business continuity planning and execution

Digitization of Business Processes

Abandoning traditional operating practices and going paperless can result in incremental gains in operational efficiencies resulting in larger payoffs over time.


Change management is an organizational challenge

One size does not fit all, looking for a custom solution

Geopolitical Impacts on International Business

The volatility we see today is unprecedented, the uncertainty is having a greater impact on business than ever before.


Political and economical impacts from climate change

Trade wars and alliances affecting overall landed cost

Supply Chain Transformation

The industry as a whole has been slow to advance, increasing the gap between traditional and digitized supply chains to deal with changing customer expectations, logistics disruptions whilst retaining a strong control over cost.


Change to a resilient and sustainable supply chain

Utilize predictive and prescriptive analytics in planning and execution

Become more agile in logistics purchasing

Redefine needs, options, and costs across modes of transportation

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